Monday, March 20, 2006

Doin' the Piggy Polka...

Rehearsal last night was necessarily long and detailed as Suzanne worked out blocking (the choreography of actors' movements throughout the entire musical) for the actors and dancers. I found it fascinating to observe how the musical is gradually coming to life, and gaining depth (both figuratively and literally) through being staged. I continue to be impressed by the diligence and professionalism of our actors, particularly in the way they genuinely seek to delve into their characters and what motivates them.

Last night we also enjoyed some spectacular dance routines - 'Piggy Polka' is a setting of Labarbe's worst nightmare, reflecting Morin's encounter with his 'Gorgeous Women' at the beginning of the musical, and linking him with 'that Pig, Morin'. The slick choreography, together with masks, piggy noses and ooh-la-la's made for an unforgettable presentation!

One more rehearsal to go - on Saturday afternoon. I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous L.P. said...

It all sounds very exciting & great fun if somewhat hard work!

Looking forward to hearing how the workshop goes on the 26th.

Keep those reports on the work in progress coming!

Very good luck to all!

7:32 AM  
Anonymous S J M Watson said...

Jamie has been keeping me up to date on your sterling work.

I'd just like to thank Suzanne for putting so much faith in That Pig, Morin, and the cast for all the enthusiasm, intelligence and hard graft that they have evidently put into the rehearsals for this workshop.

I hope the performance goes very well tomorrow.

7:19 PM  

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